Poker Dealer Courses

In this course you will learn to deal all the popular types of poker dealt in the casinos today. Students who graduate from the course will have the skills necessary to pass an audition and deal  poker in any major casino.

Poker Games Taught at our Dealer School

Texas Hold’em

Seven Card Stud

Omaha Hi/Low






Single to Triple Draw

Both Cash Games and Tournament Structure

What you will learn in our Poker class:

■ The Rules, procedures and terminology for Texas Hold’em Poker, Stud and Omaha Poker as played in the casinos. Including Tournament Play.
■ Mechanical skills – shuffling the cards, cutting the deck, holding the deck, pitching cards, burning a card, spreading the flop, cutting chips.
■ Table stakes, player buys-in, how to handle cash and make change.
■ Betting structures and limits, raises, string bets and string raises, completing the bet.
■ Calling out the action, announcing bets and raises, “option” to the blind, number of players, “last card”.
■ Dealer’s bank, counting the bank, getting a set-up, getting a fill.
■ Game protection, protecting the pot, protecting the players.
■ Making change, soft breaks, folded hands, All-In bets, side pots, splitting the pot.
■ Straddles, missed blinds, dead button, dead blind.
■ Changing dealers, table line-up, break tables.
■ Controlling the game, pacing the game, when to call a floorperson.
■ Going for a job interview and audition, getting started on the job.