Blackjack Dealer Course

The school’s objective in this course is to produce a skilled, confident, employable dealer, proficient in all procedures of Blackjack at the casino level.

The course of Blackjack begins with the rules and object of the game. Next, handling of checks, delivery of cards, and position of the dealer’s body are taught. Through hands on skills training the student will learn to deal Blackjack with a single deck, a double deck, and a shoe. Also covered is splitting pairs, peek and no-peek procedures, doubling down procedures, Blackjack payoffs, insurance and multi-hand procedures are covered.

Topics Covered:
■ Basic Rules
■ Shuffle Technique
■ Pitching
■ Hole Card Handling
■ Cheque Cutting
■ Dealing from Shoe
■ Insurance bets
■ Casino Markers
■ Payoffs